2018 Internet, Content and Social Media Insights

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Overview – Key Data Points for Internet Usage, Content and Social Media

The Global Web Index created a survey based on Q2 & Q3 2017 internet users aged 16-64. Below are my insights for developing a 2018 digital marketing, video, social media, content marketing and mobile strategy. The data covers the USA market and displays a lot of key data points covering time spent on internet media.


 Key Insights:

  • People spend a huge amount of time on the internet. New mobile devices with large screens and future fast 5G mobile data services will drive further penetration in the market.
  • Average daily viewing for internet based video content is huge! Thus, developing an internet video strategy, team, lead capture using video, video SEO and other video tactics are critical to create a competitive advantage.
  • Social Media consumes a lot of our attention span with an average over two hours per day. Social Media marketing and integration into your digital marketing strategy is critical. The space is moving fast, such as Facebook’s new augmented reality tools that enable marketers to provide custom branded graphic overlays such as trying on “virtual make up”, snapping a selfie photo and sharing it on social media networks is hot for high velocity consumer brand marketers.
  • Music streaming takes place across mobile, auto and home. Spotify has integrated social media sharing of music, in is winning with curated playlists. In music stream advertising is a viable way to reach target audiences where music tastes help marketers micro-target specific audiences, demographics and age ranges.

American’s Attention Spans are Captivated by Video Content, 50% Watch Videos Every Day

The infographic below clearly displays how addicted Americans are for watching online videos. It is amazing  that many business still do not produce at least one video per week to engage with audiences.


Visual Processing involves 50% of our brain activity

Our brains are tuned for visual processing, especially motion tracking as a survival mechanism needed for hunting and safety from predators. 


NewTek’s New NDI (Video Production Over IP) is a Game Changer: 

Production costs for video content have dropped significantly with new tools such as NewTek’s NDI tools are driving limitless live production possibilities at your fingertips where you can access, route, switch, and deliver live video content over IP. Envision any input, output, or media asset anywhere on the network being available to you mix into a video production. I will go into this further with my up coming “Social TV Studio posts.

WISTIA Turns Video into a Lead Capture System with CRM integration and Analytics

WISTIA a video hosting platform with specialized data APIs enable tight integration with CRM’s such as Hubspot or Marketo with deep analytics. Data is then captured and passed from the video player directly into CRMs to provide a wholistic view of video content analytics.

Why this is Important?

  • Today, mobile phones and desktop studios are enabled with HD video capture and live streaming. YouTube, Facebook LIVE, Twitch.TV. These channels command huge American attention spans, thus mastering live streaming into your integrated digital marketing mix is critical for 2018.

  • Video hosting services such as WISTA enable customer email and data capture – all from within the video player and pass the data to CRMs with tight integration. The ability to view video analytics connected to your website and mobile analytics create a powerful view and insights how to build your brand and direct response strategies for video.

  • Half of USA internet users watch videos daily. It is time for marketers to master daily serialized video content formats and build dedicated video production “Social TV Studios”.
  • Smart brands are engaging with their audiences using video daily. Look at the numbers:  (52 weeks X 5 videos per week = 260 videos per year). By linking these videos together in playlists creates a force-multiply, network effect that drives a huge amount of video cross viewing traffic.

Mobile Devices Lead Computers for Activity

The results are out and mobile wins as the leading devices for online engagement. Large format screens, 4G broadband and purpose built mobile apps dominate the landscape. The survey data clearly highlights the need for a mobile first strategy. Yet, today, many marketers are still stuck in the past without mobile optimized websites and content. The crossover between search, social networks, video and product information search is a sweet spot to focus your resources and marketing spend.


Why this is Important?

    • Product information content, especially in search engine optimized video formats used to educate and engage with consumers is a game changer.
    • Blending video content with social media and influencers in mobile optimized formats has become a massive opportunity.
    • Starting in July 2018, Google will finally use mobile page speed as a ranking in their mobile search results. Google announced a new ranking algorithm designed for mobile search. The company is calling it the “Speed Update”. Test your page using the Google mobile testing site.

    Where is the American Attention Span?

    The American attention span and data captured while using social media services is the product, exchanged in trade for the free use of the services.  Social media services are designed by human behavior specialists to act like drug with true addicts cluelessly crossing streets with earphones in, looking down at a mobile phone running FB Messenger, Instagram or watching YouTube videos. 

    All of the sites have some type of social element such as profiles, chat, video, photos and other media such as live streaming. Social Media companies all tend to copy each other to close killer app features. Thus, there is a common feature set such as live chat over video that you must master in order to remain competitive.


    Why this is Important?

    • By understanding where your target audience’s attention span is every second of the day, marketers can build campaigns that are optimized across social media platforms and win by running a campaign in parallel across the services.
    • YouTube and Facebook lead the top attention span sticky platforms.  YouTube combines video with live chat, live streaming and commenting, plus a solid mobile application that drives further engagement through playlists.
      • ProTip: look at how your Youtube Video metadata is formatted and make sure you are adding in all of the proper data. This will help with video SEO.
    • Make sure to pre-seed in a few comments and have a dedicated team member in charge of comment Q&A, with pre-written comments developed at the time the video is released. Make sure to have subscribe to my channel and other calls to action that will drive more video views.
    • Facebook is a massive platform that also has leveraged video to drive engagement with auto-playing videos, videos that move to the sidebar when a user scrolls and Facebook Live.  In addition the Facebook Mobile app and Messenger are huge with live video streaming features.
    • This week Facebook made huge announcements as they roll out new Ecommerce, Augmented Reality features and Virtual Reality all-in-one headsets to entice more attention span capturing features. Build a team that jumps on new features, tests and pushes them out in measurable campaigns to keep a head of the competition.
    • Instagram just announced 3rd party AR Filters, a huge opportunity for brand marketers. 

    Top Websites and Apps

    Here is an overall view of top websites and apps.  Google takes the lead with search and their social video website YouTube, followed by Facebook. It is critical to understand that Facebook has sucked the internet into it’s own mobile applications to create a walled garden of data capturing, attention span draining features. They clone the best features of competitors (SnapChat). 


    Why this is Important?

    • It is key to understand how to leverage each top app that your target market uses. For example marketers are programming customized “Bots” to interact with in Facebook Messenger.
    • Location is often tied to apps via GPS creating a hyper-local, geo-targeted ad network for companies such as Facebook.
    • SnapChat pulls a younger audience and is a good platform for brand marketers to reach younger audiences.
    • Instagram just announced a new AR filter platform for digital marketers, pulling a page out of the SnapChat playbook.
    • A key point here is to understand each website and app a deep levels then build marketing campaigns specific to each channel.
    • Build metrics dashboards and campaign A/B testing methods specific to each website and app to pull data, analyise and optimize campaigns.

    Let’s Drill Down into Facebook Engagement Rates

    Facebook started as a photo sharing service wrapped with social media capabilities and the social graph. Next they moved into video sharing, live streaming, gaming, events and everything else under the sun. The use of photos and video in posts are critical for Facebook campaigns and understanding the best post-type formats that get the best user engagement is critical. 


    Key Points

    • Videos have overtaken photos with a small lead. Use both media formats for the win.
    • New Facebook Live streaming is a powerful tool, not mentioned on the slide. It is possible to stream content to Facebook Live, YouTube and other channels in parallel, all while saving the video asset as a .MOV file for video SEO, website blogs and social media sharing.
    • Understanding Facebook takes work daily as the platform is developing quickly.
    • Facebook is moving rapidly into the augmented reality and virtual reality realms. It is time to put marketing dollars into researching these new mediums and developing measurable testing environment rapidly learn what works for your target market.

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