Immersed Conference 2018 Portland

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Immersed Conference 2018 – Hosted by Design Reality at OMSI, Portland, Oregon

The Immersed Conference was a two-day AR/VR conference that explored the current state of the Immersive Technologies and their impact on how we work, live, learn, heal, and consume. The conference was hosted at OMSI in Portland, Oregon.

Design Reality’s Immersed Conference 2018

Goals for the Event as the Official Photographer

For the event I utilized my experience running photography teams for the CES Digital Health Summit, DEMO Conference, Startup America and dozens of other events. There are details for solid photography production that are often not met by typical event photographers. Setup is critical to develop photo libraries for each section of the event, each speaker, pre-build metadata sets and a game plan for backups.

The goal of the project was to:

  • Document the event from beginning to end.
  • Create a master photography library for each section of the event, organized into folders for each speaker.
  • Create granular metadata for each speaker so the photos are search engine optimized (SEO).
  • Use two different camera lenses to create distinct “looks” for the master event photography library. I used a Leica 25M prime lens and Panasonic 12-35M lens.
  • Provide the production team with photography assets for social media posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Create a special group photo shoot for your speakers, sponsors and volunteers. They will remember this “high-touch” treatment.
  • Quick turnaround for photography to be sent to all speakers and sponsors.

Enjoy the sample of photos below: 

Immersed Conference Portland 2018 | Schedule

I consulted with the conference organizer Joshua Young to help the team create photography assets that they could use in their event sponsorship sales package, speaker recruitment letter, website images and for social media marketing. Events move quickly so everything has to be pre-planned in advance with a director of photography in charge to deliver a solid media package.

Joshua Allen Young


Joshua Allen Young at Design Reality’s Immersed Conference

Joshua first realized his love for technology after getting grounded by his parents at the age of 11 for taking apart the family computer. For the record, he put it back together, and it was totally worth it. Taking a nontraditional path towards success, Joshua has been a freelance web developer and serial startup entrepreneur for nearly a decade. With a passion for Chinese tea and internal martial arts, he channels his focus and creativity to bring an artful touch to his work.

This is reflected in his passion for life, community, and supporting client goals if they were his own. He now runs the Portland Virtual Reality Meetup, a group of over 1,400 enthusiast, hosting large monthly events. Visit Reflective Brands.

Kent Bye


Kent Bye at Design Reality’s Immersed Conference

Since May 2014, Kent Bye has traveled to the top VR gatherings around the world and conducted over 800 Voices of VR podcast interviews featuring the pioneering game developers, enthusiasts and technologists driving the resurgence of virtual reality. 

Dr. Juliette Levy


Dr. Juliette Levy at Design Reality’s Immersed Conference

Educational Technology is a significant part of the contemporary higher education ecosystem, which will only continue to expand to accommodate more platforms and metrics. But beyond delivery and measurements, how will technology improve higher education? Can we be better teachers in VR? Can we be better learners in VR? Does VR make us smarter? Juliette Levy is associate prof of History at the University of California, Riverside and has been adopting technology in the classroom for the past 10 years and will discuss her experiences with VR. 

Frances Ayalasomayajula


Frances Ayalasomayajula at Design Reality’s Immersed Conference

With advances in computer technology and software sophistication, the robustness and pervasiveness of VR solutions continues to progress. Healthcare-minded technologist are producing more impactful experiences for users and more clinically relevant applications. In this session, Fran Ayalasomayajula, HP’s Global Healthcare Lead for Population Health Information Technology and Innovations will take us on an exploration of virtual reality in healthcare, beginning with an overview of the technology by market segment, including medical education and training, patient education, surgical planning and digital therapeutics.

Keith Lay


Keith Lay at Design Reality’s Immersed Conference

With consumers expecting and responding to enhanced and immersive visual experiences, how will you work with your clients to shepherd their brands and products into these new mediums? Join Portland 3D animation and VFX studio 9iFX for a discussion on how to incorporate VR and AR technology into your agency’s toolkit. We will look at concerns around maintaining brand integrity and creating a solid business case for these new technologies. We will also look at specific examples of successful outcomes in this area. Low cost tools and options will be presented to allow you to get started in providing this service, as well as a discussion around best practices for aligning with a technology partner to add these capabilities to your agency.

Paul Reynolds


Paul Reynolds, CEO, at Design Reality’s Immersed Conference

Did you realize screens have been the primary interface for computing for nearly 50 years? You are probably reading this text on a screen right now! Emerging technologies like Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence hold the potential to make our interactions with technology more contextually aware and dynamically integrated to our physical world. Paul will explore how game development tools became the default workflow for immersive applications and why that may ultimately keep us glued to our screens if we don’t also evolve the creative development process.

Paul Reynolds is CEO and co-founder of Torch creating immersive prototyping and design tools for professional creatives. He has over 18 years experience in the video games and interactive 3D industry. Prior to starting Torch he was at Magic Leap for nearly 3 years as Senior Director of SDKs and Applications. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Ashley.

Adriana Vela


Adriana Vela at Design Reality’s Immersed Conference

In order to grow or chart new career paths in Immersive Tech, there are new skills and tools you must learn in order to navigate the onslaught of rapidly changing technologies. Extensive research from MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee shows, beyond a reasonable doubt, that people are falling behind because technology is advancing so fast and our skills and organizations are not keeping up. It matters not whether you are a developer, designer, creative, storyteller, entrepreneur, or business professional. This presentation will discuss current trends and possible trajectories through 2050 and the tools and techniques needed to navigate your future.

Lisa Peyton


Lisa Payton, Intel, Immersed Conference Portland 2018

Diving into digital marketing and social media during its nascent stage, Lisa Peyton is today among the leaders in the field. Based in Portland, Ore., she serves as Intel’s Global Social & Immersive Media Strategist working alongside her regional counterparts to launch global campaigns that engage audiences worldwide. With over a decade of digital strategy experience, her work includes implementing successful campaigns for both B2B and B2C audiences for brands such as Intel Corporation, Alaska Airlines and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

As a pioneer in the social media industry, Lisa has been both guided by the industry’s evolution and had a hand in directing it, capitalizing on the power of social media to increase her clients’ connection with their customers and achieve their overall marketing objectives.

Gabe Paez


Gabe Paez, CEO, Wild, Immersed Conference 2018

Gabe Paez, CEO, Wild, Immersed Conference 2018

XR is cool technology that feels like the future, but why should we care? The hardware is expensive, bulky and the software is experimental. For spatial computing to take hold on society we must create experiences that extend beyond the novel and empower the people that choose to participate. Technologies that distract us can have a moment, but those that elevate us will create a movement. On the other side of this work is an experiential age where our technology will exponentially advance our capabilities, intelligence, and connection.

Audience and Staff Photos

Immersed Conference 2018

Immersed Conference Portland 2018

Immersed Conference 2018

Volunteer at Immersed Conference 2018

Event Photography Books for Sponsorship Sales

As an extra bonus I developed photography books for the conference producers to use as as a sales tool for future event sponsors. The books cost around $50.00 for a large format, high quality print book delivered in fancy Apple packaging.  I find the analog photograph books work better than using a laptop to sell event sponsorships because they are stand out and allow the potential sponsor to feel something tangible in their hands. The high touch presentation will make your sponsors smile.


Extra large
13×10 inches
20 pages
$1.49/additional page

Photo Book

Social Media 

Photography is a primary asset for social media. For the event I posted a few high-quality photos to social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, LinkedIn and vertical industry social media networks to drive awareness, provide speakers with recognition and support event sponsors. The key here is to analyze media composition and learn how to optimize content distribution by placing it into the social stream with key person / company @name tagging, #hastags, text make up and other tricks to engage audiences. 

Twitter Analytics

Facebook Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics

Real-Time Event Photography Pro Tips

Professional event photography must tie in social media, metadata for SEO and a smart overall strategy. Hire a dedicated photography team and photo editor. Do not hire “friends” as photographers as often they will not have real event experience and knowledge.

Budget properly for photography and plan your strategy in advance as photos will be the primary asset used for your social media, speaker engagement and future event sponsorship sales materials. 

Connect your dedicated photo editor with your live event social media team. Create a shared photo pool and workflow to rapidly shoot, edit and syndicate photos. It is amazing how many times I attend events and there is not a game plan to connect a realtime photography team to the social media team.  The best approach is to set up a practice session at the venue at least a day in advance for your live photography and social media team to work out any issues.

Pro Tips

  • Create an overall photography sharing playbook and communicate this to your audience, speakers, sponsors, social media team, photographers and photo editors. This will encourage all event participants to share photos to their social networks to drive more traffic to your production.
  • Develop a photo-stream game plan to tell the event story from pre-event, during and post event. Connect this storyline with your social media strategy.
  • Develop a deep, granular photo metadata game plan with custom titles and tags for each speaker. This will help SEO your photos and rank them. Develop all of the metadata presets in advance of the event to create a speedy workflow.
  • Use @names, website links and hashtags for your photo social media photos. Post all speaker photos so when the speaker walks off stage they have photos ready to post to their social media networks.  An event social stream is hot only during the event and a few days after the event.
  • Develop pre-written social media posts to go with the photographers shoot assignment to capture speaker close ups, mid-range shots and epic crowd shots.
  • Create different sizes for your photo editor assignments to best display photos to specific social media channels and for use in video editing.

More Pro Tips

  • Have a photo backup plan and extra hard drive to create backups day of show.
  • Look at your stage design, lighting and shoot a few test photos before day of show to understand how your photos will compose. Make adjustments and place conference and sponsor branding elements where they are visible from all camera angles.
  • Work with a lawyer to get proper photo releases for speakers, venue permissions, legal text for event programs and printed out photography notices for your event venue.
  • Set up a conference and sponsor branded “social media” photo backdrop station for your audience. Add appropriate props to the photo station to create a fun experience for guests and more engaging photos. Include this into your sponsorship package deliverables.
  • Create a final photography and social media analytics report to share with your speakers, sponsors, guests and volunteers.

Immersed Conference Portland 2018

Immersed Conference Portland 2018

Immersed Conference Portland 2018


It was a pleasure to work with Design Reality as photographer and advisor for the Immersed Conference 2018, hosted at OMSI in Portland Oregon. Learn more about the event here at the Immersed Conference website.

In the near future I predict the convergence of augmented reality and virtual reality into hybrid “XR Events” with live and remote guests interacting from around the world. View my blogpost featuring the NVIDIA Holodeck life at Siggraph 2017 to see the future.

This month I will create a new blog post to go more in depth into the real-time event funnel, a model that I created for go-to-market launches, Seattle Khronos Group, CNDYFactory Studios, CES, Startup America Partnership and IDG Conferences.

Connect with me if you need media advisory and production for your next event. Thanks for tuning in and follow me at and

Tim Reha is a business strategists, full stack digital marketing and content developer with extensive technology business development experience. Connect here

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