New Varjo XR-3

The immersive media industry has take a while to mature since my work helping to launch the Samsung Oculus Gear VR and the world's first mobile healthcare worker training simulator. The entire "Experience Creation Pipeline" now looks to be at a ground breaking level.
On the content creation side Unreal Engine and Unity have now reach maturity for content creators to have the 3D spatial graphics tools to create viable training simulators. NVIDIA's new Omniverse platform has unified file formats (via PixarsUSD) and now enables distributed creative teams to develop content in a synchronized, unified work space.
Facebook's Oculus Quest has cornered the consumer virtual reality headset market with their "all-in-one" headset. While the middle tier professional grade virtual reality headsets battle ground is a battle between HTC Vive, Valve and others. 

On the augmented reality side of the device spectrum Magic Leap has stumbled while Microsoft's Hololens is leading the market for specific professional markets. Professionals still desire wider field of view and better resolution need to read text clearly.
On the high-end of the market Varjo has launched their new XR-3 Mixed Reality headset that looks to have solved many problems to create an impressive new visualization tool for the training simulator and industrial sector.
  • Seamless blending of real and virtual. Achieved through 12-megapixel, low-latency video pass-through technology.
  • Human-eye resolution Bionic Display. Highest resolution across a 115° field of view for unmatched realism and visibility.
  • Pixel-perfect depth awareness through LiDAR and stereo RGB.
  • Natural interactions. Integrated eye tracking (200 Hz) and Ultraleap (v5) hand tracking.
  • Inside-out tracking. Vastly improving XR tracking accuracy without the need to set up base stations.
  • Comfortable Design Hand selected materials and cooling system create a compact low weight product for extended use.
The Varjo XR-3 is an exciting new development. I spoke with executive and the product will be available in a few months. Stay tuned as I hope to test drive the product in 2021. Connect with me if you are interested to learn more.

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