NVIDIA Omniverse & Creators Group

NVIDIA Omniverse is a powerful, multi-GPU, real-time simulation and collaboration platform for 3D production pipelines based on Pixar's Universal Scene Description and NVIDIA RTX™.
Omniverse aims for universal interoperability across different applications and 3D ecosystem vendors. It provides efficient real-time scene updatesand is based on open-standards and protocols. The Omniverse Platform is designed to act as a hub, enabling new capabilities to be exposed as micro-services to any connected clients and applications.

How NVIDIA Omniverse Impact my Business?

Think of the NVIDIA Omniverse as a new platform that enables business to collaborate across creative applications.
The system uses USD file format to create an interoperable file format to use across your creative applications. This benefits creative distributed teams to work in real-time using multiple applications and synchronizes work across your team.
NVIDIA Omniverse provides you with the ability to create custom applications highly specialized to solve industry specific problems.

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