NVIDIA Holdeck Test Drive at Siggraph 2017 L.A.

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Test Driving the NVIDA Holodeck at Siggraph 2017 

The NVIDIA Holodeck is an ideal platform for game developers, content creators and designers wanting to collaborate, visualize and interact with large, complex photoreal models in a collaborative VR space. Holodeck is built on an enhanced version of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 and includes NVIDIA GameWorksVRWorks and DesignWorks, delivering unparalleled photorealism, and physics simulation in collaborative virtual reality.

Background Working with NVIDIA

The NVIDIA Holodeck was a behind the scenes by invitation only affair with some openings open for the general event attendees.  For a year I have been in touch with my friends at NVIDIA discussing new tech for creating high-fidelity, low latent shared VR spaces. There are a lot of issues with creating a low-latent server that is able to connect around the world without glitches. It was fantastic to fast-forward and test drive the future of high-end collaboration. 

NVIDIA Holodeck Demo @ Siggraph, 2017

The demo took me inside of a $1.9 million Koenigsegg Regera supercar. It was a very cool demo car at scale in full visual fidelity. I walked inside of the car and used a tool to modify the interior colors of the leather, shift the car and play around with different features. The tool interface was tied to the HTC Vive controller to select an array of tools to interact with the models.

“VR is a unique medium with “Super Tools”, new interfaces to interact with huge data and 3D models. The tool to “explode-the-car” is mind-blowing when you first try it… Add distributed, real-time collaboration, multi-camera scene recording and this is going to be a daily medium used by many industrial verticals” – Tim Reha

The model was a jaw-dropping 50 million polygons running on top-of-the-line custom built gaming computer.  With two or more people in the NVIDIA Holodeck with customized tools to control all aspects from car design to the end customer sales and post sales education is possible with this tool.

Holodeck Features:

  • Render large and highly detailed models photorealistically, in real time, at life-like scale. Designers can save significant time focusing on their designs instead of simplifying complex models to achieve a smooth experience in VR.
  • Create and interact with people, robots and objects in a physically simulated environment. By understanding how a project looks, feels, sounds and behaves in different environments before deploying them in the real world, designers can create superior, safer products.
  • Collaborate naturally and in real time in the same virtual space. Even globally dispersed teams can explore and review the same model together to bring better products to market, faster.
  • Enhance workflows with AI-powered simulation tools. Intelligent machines can be deployed and trained in Holodeck’s realistic simulated environments. Intelligence can then be transferred between the virtual and real worlds, so machines can be deployed more safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

System requirements:

  • Quadro P6000, Geforce GTX 1080Ti, or TITAN Xp
  • HTC Vive or Oculus Rift with Touch controllers
  • Intel Core i7-6700K or greater
  • 16GB RAM
  • SSD or fast HDD
  • Access to Steam / Steam account
  • Windows 10 SP1 (64 bit)

To prepare models for Holodeck, you will need:

  • Autodesk 3ds Max or Maya
  • Iray for Maya or Max
  • standard vMaterials, if you apply materials to your model

Why this is important?

This technology is moving fast and will be a competitive advantage starting in niche business such as automotive, industrial design, AEC and professional sectors. Telepresence systems will first be location-based in specific work rooms and showrooms at the corporate office.

Next I see interactions with mobile devices that have face scanning cameras to power avatars for remote users. Then in the longer future when volumetric video capture emerges all types of problems will be solved using a blend of tools in the holodeck with AI driven data that reacts in real-time.

How to get started?

Connect with me if you are interested to  collaborate and build a few nodes for NVIDA holodeck technology for your business. I am on the early access list and will learn soon when the systems roll out.

Watch the NVIDIA Holdeck Video

Show this video to your entire team as it will generate new ideas to create a competitive advantage and a future medium for collaboration for your team and consultants around the world.

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