Business Development

Fearlessly spearheads business development efforts by connecting with hard to reach executives and companies and executing new revenue generating agreements. Examples of recent projects and wins in 2017-2018:

  • Coordinated private technology demos with Samsung, Wacom, Haptx and others at CES 2018, Las Vegas
  • Scheduled new technology business partnership meetings with Epic/Unreal, HTC Vive, Unity, Microsoft and RED Camera
  • Coordinated face-to-face lunches with Magic Leap, Amazon Web Services and Silicon Valley Bank
  • Penetrated SpaceX media production team for the historic Falcon 9 Heavy launch and landing
  • Pro sports face-to-face meetings and tech demos with Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks


Over a decade of experience working with C-Suite executives to develop, new product/service development, go-to-market, product launch, digital marketing, social media, content and press strategy.

  • Develops strategic insights and investigates key drivers for business growth opportunties  
  • Reviews disparate data sets and works cross-functionally with teams and partners to create models for long-term market and product opportunities
  • Captures data to develop competitive analysis used to devise roadmap strategies
  • Go-to-Market / Product Launch
  • Press and Media Relations

Digital Marketing

Deep practice of 360 digital marketing and how to build, manage, and report on integrated programs across email, web, social, paid media, and influencers.

  • Digital marketing infrastructure
  • Develops, manage and launch campaigns and offers for products and services
  • Social Media, SEM, Live Video
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics

Social Media

Producer of live streaming social TV productions with fan interactions to Facebook Live, Instagram IGTV, Twitch.TV and YouTube. Overall realtime social media strategy, account setup, branding, metadata, content and analytics.

  • Setup of social media channels
  • Content Calendars
  • Multimedia content streams
  • Hashtags
  • Followers and Fan building
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Social Media Analytics

Content Studios

I build custom live stage studios that create a huge competitive advantage for companies who want to move into realtime digital marketing, rich with live video streaming and fan interactions.

  • Custom branded shows
  • Live Streaming (YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch.TV, Private CDN)
  • Podcast audio production (Intros/Outtros, Bumpers, Stingers, Sound Bedding, Calls to Action)
  • Social media overlays on top of video (Youtube chat, Twitter, Facebook
  • Branded social media stream graphics that work in concert for live digital marketing campaings


Build CRM systems and workflows with customer lead capture, segmentation, profile enrichment, multiple sales funnels, team coordination, social media monitoring and analytics.

  • Social CRM
  • Multiple sales funnels
  • Distributed Sales Teams
  • Company insights with industry, size, location, employee count, revenue and other metrics 


End to end event producer with experience managing all aspects of event production from venue selection to stage design.

  • Innovator in the events industry pioneering "realtime events" by integrating live streaming, rapid content production, social media and analytics
  • Venue selection, contract negotiations and vendor management
  • Event technical production - stage design, lighting, A/V, bandwidth, sourcing, contracting and negotiations
  • Even promotions, social media and press
  • Event interview studios, live streaming, photography, live blogging and realitme social media
  • Event branding, digital signage, projection mapping,
  • Sponsorship integration and event performance analytics reports

Immersive Media, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Over six years working in the trenches of the "XR" immersive media space. I helped launch the Samsung Gear VR to the medical community, produced dozens of XR educational events and have developed deep relationships with all of the top-level players in this market

  • XR executive education and strategy sessions how to evaluate and take advantage of disruptive opportunities
  • Consulting how to High velocity XR consumer experiences from content production to legal implications
  • XR for business and industrial uses in AEC (Architecture, Construction and Engineering)
  • Development of new VR KIOSKS using off the shelf "all in one devices" with customized homepage launch interfaces
  • Volumetric video production and asset creation
  • New Augmented Reality TV production technology
  • How to integrate XR experiences into traditional digital campaigns with live video streaming and green screens, social media syndication and digital campaign analytics

Custom Automations

I build automated workflows using IFTTT and Zapier that save time, reduce repetition and speed up processes across leading apps.

  • Social Media Automations - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
  • CRM Data Plumbing
  • Internal Comms - Slack, Trello, Asana
  • Wordpress/Blogs Example - automate social media promotional posts once a new blog is posted


Delivers a full array of analytics for websites, content, CRMs, sales funnels, advertising, SEO, SEM, social media, influencer marketing with custom dashboards.

  • Analyzes key metrics and business intelligence to provide reporting and strategic recommendations
  • Google Analytics
  • Content performance (blog posts, white-papers, downloads, etc.)
  • Video analytics
  • Live Stream and chat text analytics