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The Social TV Studio Model Capitalizes on the Human Visual Processing System and the need for Social Engagement 

Today’s fast moving market demands a realtime solution to engage with your customers with the notion of a real-time Social TV Studio. Today, mobile video, live streaming and social media are how you engage with targeted audiences, build fans and convert prospects into customers. Customers are watching an online video almost every day .

Social TV Studios Power Live Video Campaigns with Real-Time Social Media that Builds Community, Engages Fans and Fuels Buzz 

The Social TV Studio graph above displays the cycle leading up to live event  production with three phases:

  • Build Community
  • Engage Audiences Leading up to a Social TV Studio powered live event production
  • Fuel Buzz the week leading up to the event

Social Media Content and Video Landing pages with CRM data capture and offers

  • Push content to social media channels where the audience spends their time – Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other vertical channels
  • Setup specific a specific landing page with the video stream and curated social media posts
  • Develop offers to push into the social stream and capture customer data to fill your sales CRM funnels

Scenes at Seattle’s First TEDxSeattle Event where the Social TV Studio was Born

Back in 2010 I developed and tested out a new model called the “Social TV Studio” for real-time events as a founding producer for the first TEDxSeattle event. The experiment was to break down the content production and social media syndication pipelines into specific tasks for each team member. Timing was critical so the pipeline would not get bogged down. The model created a real-time stream of content that leveraged the power of social media syndication.

Instead of hiding our Social TV Studio operations in a back room, we placed them in the event’s break room area to create a Social TV Studio hub for live speaker engagement to drive buzz generation

We created a team of UW MCDM students and professionals to produce the event’s live stream video, photography and social media posts. At a typical event, a speaker would go on stage and the photographers would shoot photos without a live photo editor. Often a day or more later the photos would be edited and sent out in an email to the audience members with a blog post recap. This model was broken in my view. With the live social media syndication created by Twitter and Facebook, live streaming to YouTube, Photos posted to Flickr, digital content could now be distributed on-the-fly, driving fan engagement and social sharing. This created the “flywheel effect” and virtuous cycle.

Social TV Studio – Real-Time Dashboard

The Social TV Studio hub was developed in partnership with Steelcase utilizing their MediaScape desk and large video collaboration computer screen. TEDxSeattle speakers were instructed to visit the Social TV Studio hub right after their presentations to capture the energy while the audience viewing from around the world was still tuned in.

In realtime we built a live social media dashboard for each speaker.

  • Blog RSS feeds
  • Twitter and Facebook feeds
  • Website links
  • YouTube videos
  • Flickr photos
  • Other content such as content and social media analytics

This dashboard represented a customized realtime web-fabric and page for each speaker. Links to the Social TV Studio dashboard were sent out to all of our TEDxSeattle social media channels and mentioned on stage. The outcome resulted in a massive feedback loop and interaction cycle that generated massive amounts of global web traffic.

The end result propelled TEDxSeattle to deliver outstanding results:

TEDx HQ called to congratulate the team for hosting the #1 TEDx event in the world for audience engagement across content and social media. The real-time event and “Social TV Studio” was born.

  • 4,000 concurrent live stream views
  • 25,000 social media interactions
  • 2,000 event photograph library with analytics that was finished at the end of the event, rather than a day or two later for typical events

Take a Page from the eSports Star Playbook to create a Social TV Studio for Business

The eSports community is guiding the way with techniques that drive massive fan engagement by show hosts who work tirelessly to produce marathon-level broadcasts. The talented hosts have mastered game play with live fan engagement via humor, “shout outs” and Q&A over live chat. The photos below showcase eSports Celebrities who donated their time and huge fan bases to raise funds for the Call of Duty Endowment Fund over a 72 hour live stream production hosted in concert with the launch of Call of Duty WWII November 3rd, 2017.

We setup the live stream studio with staff for 72 straight hours. As one region of the world was going to bed, the next region would wake up and jump on to play the new Call of Duty WWII game release, then they would jump on to the live stream to learn pro-tips and converse with the eSports celebrities. We had a system that worked to manage our prizes and product offerings that were sold to the highest bidder. Guests from the game studio production team such as artists, actors and historians would dive into each facet of the game and provide insights and interactions with the fans.

Hutch, the eSports team leader worked the audience and devised humors “challenges” such as having one of his cohorts devour a bottle of mustard (he hated mustard) if the fans reached a donation goal of $500.00. This turned into a fun comedy act that generated huge donations.

Preparation and orchestration by the team at Proper Daely agency, working behind the scenes made the production a huge success. I managed the live stream with a production team to keep all systems operating. Small things such as adjusting the audio latency over time were needed to keep everything in sync. The team at Twitch.TV was super helpful to provide 24hr support for our channel.


  • The team generated $100,000.00 in donations with a $100,000.00 matching grant provided by Activision. A total of $200,000 in funds raised
  • Record breaking 10,000 concurrent live stream views
  • The proceeds created over 540 new jobs for vets via the Call of Duty Endowment Fund
  • Buzz that fueled the launch of the new Call of Duty WWII game
  • Thousands of new social media followers for Call of Duty WWII Endowment Fund due to the compounding effect of the combined eSports stars audience reach

Mix Content From Any Device with Green Screen Video Overlays

The example above was shot at my studio with Brent Brooker, CEO of a visual presentation and kiosk system. 

In this example we are creating a video with the Flowvella presentation on the iPad beamed  into the Social TV Studio with a live camera and green screen. We used this approach to capture marketing videos to launch a new feature and trained Brent how to shoot one-take-cuts without the need for editing. This approach is key to train show talent how to rapidly produce content as well as give them confidence in front of live audiences.

Smart producers are using green screens to overlay their live video feeds on top of website content, apps, mobile, iPads, video games, virtual reality systems, live chat sessions and other visual eye-candy

New video production suites available from NewTek, VMixx, Telestream Wirecast and OBS (Open Broadcast Studio) have democratized live streaming.  These video suites now live stream to multiple social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.TV in parallel to reach niche audiences. These social media sites have developed live chat features to interact with fans in concert with the live stream.

NewTek NDI is a Game Changer for Advance IP Video Workflows

NewTek NDI is a royalty free standard anyone can implement to connect video equipment across a network. In addition new NDI software applications turn any desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device or large office telepresence digital white board (Microsoft Surface Hub) into a video feed that can be mixed into a show production.

Mix any Video Source on the Network or NDI enabled application:

  • Websites
  • Video cameras and web cams
  • Your cell phone’s camera via NDI powered mobile video broast application
  • Mobile and iPad Apps
  • Microsoft Surface Hubs
  • A laptop on your network
  • Gaming Computers for eSports live broadcasting
  • Virtual Realty Systems
  • Augmented Reality

Live Events with Curated Social Streams, In-Stream Offers and Landing Pages

This system uses a WordPress blog and plugin to create a curated social stream of content that I position below a live stream video on the landing page.

Curate social media posts from:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Blog Posts

Pro Tip: Send campaign links out fans and drive the traffic back to a customized social video landing page. The live social media dashboard makes it easy to curate your favorite social media posts that then populate your campaign landing page with live content.

  • Live content curation dashboard for managers to click and approve social media posts from Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
  • Drive enthusiasm and fan engagement by highlighting fans posts
  • Integrate sponsor social media into the stream to drive measurable deliverables

Offers and Conversion Pages

In the model above see how there are different opportunities to create video content that is tied to part of the funnel to develop engagement, trust and conversions with targeted customers.

  • 75% of your potential customers are looking for information. This is an opportunity for you to create a customer journey through the production of custom content and video play lists that provide information about your products
  • 23% of your potential customers then compare information about products and services to make final purchasing decisions. This is an opportunity to create video content that compares and contracts your product and services to differentiate them from other offerings
  • Use motion graphics charts, graphics and other rich visual media to create a clear way to tell your product differentiation story and move customers into the final purchase decision phase
  • 2% of customers are ready to take action.  At this point build in direct response sales offers into your video channel in the form of codified tracking links to product sales landing pages. Add rich meta-data descriptions with purchase links in YouTube video descriptions. Connect the dots from your informational video content into your sales funnel for final sales by using video players with lead capture and sales link ability such as as noted below

Lead Generation and CRM Integration

In video lead generation captures email addresses, mobile for SMS leads that are plumbed into any CRM such as Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Active Campaign or Nimble.


Heat maps are a powerful tool for understanding how certain users watch your videos.

  • Is there a specific topic that is interesting to viewers from your email campaign?
  • Do international viewers tune out quicker than local ones?
  • When are the most engaged viewers watching your videos?
  • This information and more can be derived from heat maps

Heatmaps contain viewer information, contextual information (when the video was watched and where) and a color-coded timeline which represents how the viewer interacted with the video.


At the end of each heat map is the total percentage of the video that viewer watched (parts watched multiple times are only counted once). The time (and potentially date) to the left of the heat map displays when the viewer watched the video.

Tune into subsequent blog posts for a deeper dive into Social TV Studio lead generation and analytics.

Tim Reha is a strategists, event producer, show host, full stack digital marketing and content developer with extensive technology business development experience. Connect:  Email | LinkedIn | Twitter

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