Video Remix Studio Demos

Above is my Home Studio demonstration using my own DJ and Video DJ remixing styles. This approach enables me to have a totally flexible creative canvas to mix content from any program and any device.

  • OBS Studio and NewTek NDI are used to layer content from my iPad and iPhone running NDI Application that sends the screen capture data over wireless to OBS Studio as a layer
  • Blackmagic Designs ATEM Mini Pro ISO - This mixed four HMDI inputs (2) video cameras (1) PC (1) MacBook Pro
  • Ableton Live - Music and Sound EFX
  • Modul8 - Live visuals and video mapping
  • AKAI APC-40 AKAI Mini Midi Controllers - Mapped to control Ableton Live and Modul8 
  • iPad - Various video and audio mixing programs
  • iPhone - Used as a camera using NDI Camera and NDI HX Capture

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