Spatial Audio Production and Sound Systems

Architect of "ears first" spatial audio experiences tightly integrated interactive generative visuals. Wave Field Synthesis.

Holographic Screens, Laser Projection Mapping, LED Volumes

Our experiences integrate holographic tablets, volumetric 3D screens, laser video projections, LED volumes & floors with LED pixel mapping and image based lighting.

Generative Virtual Art Departments

Next wave realtime creative teams working in parallel with AI artists. Generative Art with Mid Journey and Stable Diffusion with Custom AI Brand DNA. Distributed, real-time art teams powered by: NVIDIA Omniverse, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, Blender, Cinema 4D, Notch, Touch Designer, SideFX, Maya and Adobe Suite.

Volumetric Media Capture & Mixed Reality

Custom capture systems for the next generation of 3D spatial media. 


Integrated Marketing

Formulate and drive brand development, customer personas, integraed advertising campaigns and global campaign marketing plans that build awareness, engagement, and conversions.

Creative Content & Studios

A new model for distributed, collaborative work-from-anywhere studios for video, multimedia, 3D, live stream, virtual events, training and sales.

Go-to- Market Campaigns,  Launches, Press & Media Buzz

Integrated strategies and executions for go-to-market product launches, press engagement and social media buzz generation.

Community Building

Community building strategies, develop community channels, monthly growth strategies, content development, engagment programs and analytics.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Event strategies, digital event platforms, video studios, content design, registration promotion and sponsorship integration.

Analytics & Dashboards

Measure campaigns end-to-end with integrated analytics and custom dashboards. 

DRIVES growth


Connect with me to learn about my integrated community building, growth and monitoring platform. This includes community building strategies, monthly workflows, specialized community management software and analytics dashboards.   I have developed a specialized content studio that  incorporates live streaming, community virtual events and new Clubhouse audio conversations that supercharge audience growth.



The "Community Flywheel" approach integrates LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, Twitter and Clubhouse with "on website" centralized discussion groups, forums and knowledge bases.  Personalized "high-touch" community building takes energy create deep, grass-roots communities that last. The Flywheel Model below illustrates the interconnected, dynamic systems approach that drives community, content and commerce objectives.


Community and content interaction data measures community participation with Aware, Informed and Engaged cohorts. Data driven dashboards provide a unified view to understand site visitor activity; which photos were viewed, which videos were watched and which documents were downloaded among other statistics. This data builds a picture of the information most relevant to the community. 



I develop thought leadership interview shows, podcasts and virtual events that drive buzz for your business and personal brands. My model starts with the creative ideation process to explore content ideas and end goals.

Next I have created a Content Tree Model that helps organize content main topics and related interlinked subtopics to create a monthly stream of episodes that grow audiences. Thought leadership productions are produced and package into multimedia modules (audio/video sound bytes, photos and graphics)  that are used to create search engine optimized blog posts, social media buzz campaigns and industry news announcements. 

  • Steve Case - AOL, Case Foundation
  • Scott Case - Priceline
  • Jack Dorsey - Twitter 
  • Jack Selby - Paypal
  • Gary Vaynerchuck - Vayner Media
  • Dr. Peter Diamandis - XPrize
  • Andrew Mason - Groupon
  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta - CNN
  • Dr. Oz - The Dr. OZ Show
  • Dr. Phil McGraw - The Dr. Phil Show
  • Sonny Vu - Misfit Wearables
  • James Mault, MD - Qualcomm Life
  • Dr. Reed V. Tuckson - United Health
  • Drew Houston - Dropbox
  • Steve Wozniak - Apple
  • John Scully - Apple
  • Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn
  • Jeff Weiner - LinkedIn
  • Nick Whiting - Epic Unreal  Engine
  • Vinay Narayan - HTC Vive
  • Joe Ludwig - Valve
  • Victoria Ransom- Wildfire
  • Raffella Camera - Accenture XR
  • Katie Petersen, Kauffman Foundation
  • Dan'l Lewin - Microsoft
  • Reggie Watts - Conan O'Brien Show
  • Chris Shipley - DEMO
  • Steve Jurvetson - DFJ Ventures


My content and productions have resulted in over 250 million media impressions across the world's leading technology press in over 40 countries worldwide. Client deliverables include the full spectrum of press and media services..


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