Product Marketing
Real-time Studios
GenerAtive AI Pipelines

Go-to-Market Leader and Launch Pro

Create and execute comprehensive go-to-market plans for platform launches and major updates, including market segmentation, and promotional activities.

Real-Time Content Studios, Distributed Teams and Automation

I help organizations level up by developing  real-time digital marketing studios, globally distributed video and photography teams, editorial calendars and automations. Branded content templates and automations seamlessly integrate platforms such as Adobe Creative Suite and 

Thought Leadership

Establish the company and executives as a thought leaders in the industry through speaking engagements, webinars, industry events, and strategic partnerships. CES Alumni Producer, Top 50 Influencer and show host representing companies, brands and industry groups.

Generative AI - Full Stack Integration

My expertise lies in full-stack generative AI integration, seamlessly woven across the entire product development lifecycle. From ideation to product launch, I bring a holistic approach that extends to go-to-market strategies and marketing integration. With a knack for generative content, I build, deploy and train teams to leverage AI co-pilots to create dynamic, engaging experiences that resonate with audiences, driving innovation and success in today's tech-driven landscape.

Live Streaming & Social Media Buzz Generation

I excel in orchestrating live streaming experiences and managing dynamic YouTube channels, while also optimizing content for mobile and social platforms such as TikTok, Snap, and Instagram, ensuring your brand's message reaches the widest, most engaged audience possible.


Spearheaded the creation and growth of technology communities from the ground up. Established and maintained robust infrastructure on platforms such as Discord, YouTube, Slack, and various forums to facilitate.
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    GTM Launches &

    GTM / Event Backend Systems Expert
    I am the mastermind behind creating and implementing robust backend systems that smoothly run go to market product launches and events. These systems serve as the backbone of seamless event experiences. Whether you're in need of a meticulously planned content editorial calendar or a dynamic live event interview studio, I have the technical expertise to make it happen. I ensure that these systems are not only reliable but also flexible, adapting to the evolving needs of your event production.

    Viral Event Media Production
    My approach to event production goes beyond the ordinary. I have a keen eye for capturing the essence of any event, transforming it into shareable and viral content. Through a combination of creative photography, engaging video production, and strategic content dissemination, I make sure that your events become the talk of the town. I understand the intricacies of creating content that resonates with your target audience and drives meaningful engagement.

    Multi-Platform Social Media Channels
    I'm a specialist when it comes to expanding your event's reach across multiple platforms. From LinkedIn and Facebook to Instagram, TikTok, and Slack, I ensure that your brand message is consistently and effectively communicated. Through strategic brand tagging and promotion, I help you connect with your audience where they are most active, maximizing the impact of your event and fostering lasting connections.

    Comprehensive Strategy
    My involvement in event production extends far beyond execution. I take a holistic approach to every project. I begin by crafting a comprehensive strategy tailored to your specific goals and audience. From there, I establish content creation pipelines that guarantee a steady stream of engaging material. I design templates that maintain brand consistency, ensuring that your event's identity is never lost. Automation plays a significant role in streamlining processes, while robust analytics help us measure success and make data-driven improvements throughout the event's lifecycle. In essence, I build and optimize the entire event production ecosystem, so you can focus on what matters most: the success of your event.
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      CONTENT Production

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        I develop thought leadership interview shows, podcasts and virtual events that drive buzz for your business and personal brands. My model starts with the creative ideation process to explore content ideas and end goals.

        Next I have created a Content Tree Model that helps organize content main topics and related interlinked subtopics to create a monthly stream of episodes that grow audiences. Thought leadership productions are produced and package into multimedia modules (audio/video sound bytes, photos and graphics)  that are used to create search engine optimized blog posts, social media buzz campaigns and industry news announcements. 

        • Steve Case - AOL, Case Foundation
        • Scott Case - Priceline
        • Jack Dorsey - Twitter 
        • Jack Selby - Paypal
        • Gary Vaynerchuck - Vayner Media
        • Dr. Peter Diamandis - XPrize
        • Andrew Mason - Groupon
        • Dr. Sanjay Gupta - CNN
        • Dr. Oz - The Dr. OZ Show
        • Dr. Phil McGraw - The Dr. Phil Show
        • Sonny Vu - Misfit Wearables
        • James Mault, MD - Qualcomm Life
        • Dr. Reed V. Tuckson - United Health
        • Drew Houston - Dropbox
        • Steve Wozniak - Apple
        • John Scully - Apple
        • Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn
        • Jeff Weiner - LinkedIn
        • Nick Whiting - Epic Unreal  Engine
        • Vinay Narayan - HTC Vive
        • Joe Ludwig - Valve
        • Victoria Ransom- Wildfire
        • Raffella Camera - Accenture XR
        • Katie Petersen, Kauffman Foundation
        • Dan'l Lewin - Microsoft
        • Reggie Watts - Conan O'Brien Show
        • Chris Shipley - DEMO
        • Steve Jurvetson - DFJ Ventures

        PRESS &

        My content and productions have resulted in over 250 million media impressions across the world's leading technology press in over 40 countries worldwide. Client deliverables include the full spectrum of press and media services..


        Clients &