Remote Production


Introducing our Remote Production Studio service!

With our innovative platform, you can create professional-quality videos from the comfort of your own location. Our system seamlessly connects remote team members, enabling collaborative video production like never before.

Key Features:

  • Remote Production: Connect with any studio, anywhere! Work with team members from anywhere in the world, eliminating geographical limitations.

  • Real-Time Editing: Revolutionize live, real-time producer-editor collaborations. Edit videos in real-time with your team, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow.

  • Cloud-Based Assets: Access a  library of standardized show formats and branded media assets, including partner network media footage, music, and graphics, all stored in the cloud.

  • Live Streaming: Host live broadcasts and webinars with ease, engaging your audience in real-time.

  • Flexible Production & Scheduling: Plan shoots, meetings, and editing sessions that fit everyone's schedules, optimizing productivity.

Lights, Mics, Robotic Cameras

Introducing our cutting-edge Distributed Video Studio service! With our innovative platform, you can create professional-quality videos from the comfort of your own location. Our system seamlessly connects remote team members, enabling collaborative video production like never before.

Key Features:

  • LED Lighting: Upgrade your home or office studio with LED lighting, and see the difference it makes in your production quality. Discover the endless possibilities of perfect lighting with our LED solutions.

  • Audio is Everything: Choose from a range of microphones tailored to your specific needs. From shotgun microphones for precise directional audio capture to lavalier mics for hands-free convenience, we offer a comprehensive selection. Our microphones ensure crystal-clear sound quality, minimizing background noise and delivering pristine audio for your videos.

  • Robotic PTZ Cameras: These cutting-edge cameras offer seamless Pan, Tilt, and Zoom capabilities, allowing you to frame every shot with unmatched accuracy. Whether you're shooting in a studio, on-location, or live events, our Robotic PTZ cameras provide the versatility you need to capture the perfect angle, every time.


& remote guests

Key Features:

  • Multistream to all platforms at once: Stream to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, and more. Make your audience feel special by featuring their comments on screen. We use StreamYard to create easy live streaming and recording.

  • Host Conversations with up to 10 guests: Experience seamless audio hosting for conversations with a capacity of up to 10 participants. Effortlessly invite guests to your virtual studio with a single click. Your invited guests can join from any device without the need for downloads. And, for dynamic talk shows, you have the flexibility to swap guests in and out on the fly.

  • Interact with viewers and show comments on screen:  Guest and fan interaction is the key to create a video community and platform for educational content.

AV cONtrollers, Automations
& Telepropters


  • Central Control: Empower yourself as the master of your show. Connect controllers from a diverse array of supported partners, and effortlessly assign controls to compatible video switchers, lighting consoles, media servers, and audio mixers. With Central Control, you have complete command over every aspect of your production, all accessible at your fingertips
  • Teleprompter provides a full prompter solution right inside Central Control. Scripts are created and edited using either Microsoft Word or Google Docs, so users don’t need to learn any new software. When the script is changed, Central Control will automatically update it for you

  • Rundown allows users to create their show rundown in familiar spreadsheet tools such as Excel and Google Sheets, then access it in the Rundown interface. The Rundown interface gives directors and producers critical information such as the duration of each event and the time since or until an event.

  • Flex Macros within the context of production have conventionally denoted a series of commands arranged in a list, commencing from the uppermost point and concluding at the lowermost point; and whereas the process of establishing the temporal arrangement of said commands has traditionally entailed the assignment of individual delays to each respective command, a process that is both intricate and lacking in intuitive qualities; and whereas our innovative approach has led us to explore the realm of non-linear editing and adopt their most commendable concept, namely, the timeline; it is with great pride that we introduce Flex Macros.

standardized gRAPHICS

Streamline Your Brand with Standardized Show Graphics
We understand the importance of maintaining brand continuity across all your content. That's why we've harnessed the power of Adobe Creative Suite to create standardized show graphics that not only enhance your brand but also expedite your production process.

Consistent Branding:
Our team of skilled designers crafts a set of visually appealing and on-brand graphics tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it's lower thirds, title cards, or transitions, these standardized graphics ensure a cohesive look and feel across all your productions.

Faster Production:
With our standardized show graphics, you no longer need to start from scratch with each project. These templates and assets can be easily customized to suit your content, saving you valuable time during the production phase. Simply plug and play for a polished finish.

Professional Quality:
Adobe Creative Suite is the gold standard for design software, and our graphics reflect that. You can trust that each element, from fonts to color palettes, adheres to the highest design standards, elevating the overall quality of your content.

Brand Recognition:
Consistency breeds recognition. When your audience sees your videos, they'll instantly identify your brand through the familiar graphics, enhancing your brand's visibility and credibility. 

Our standardized show graphics are a cost-effective way to maintain a professional appearance without breaking the bank. By streamlining your design assets, you reduce the need for constant design revisions and save on production costs.

Let us help you maintain brand continuity, speed up production, and ensure a professional finish with our standardized show graphics created in Adobe Creative Suite. Elevate your content and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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